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RED HOT BOOK OF THE WEEK: The Fault In Our Stars

Beloved author John Green returns to form with The Fault in Our Stars — The story of a teenage girl named Hazel who has been dying of cancer for much of her short life. It’s a moving, but surprisingly funny read that’s our Red Hot Book of the Week.

John Green is an author who is celebrated in the world of young adult literature, but his novels have timeless truths that will appeal to readers of any age. If you haven’t devoured one of his books yet, The The Fault in Our Stars coverFault In Our Stars is the perfect opportunity. Emotional and brutally honest, Hazel must grapple with the issues of life and her inevitable death as she finds love and happiness in the few days and months she has left in this world.

The Fault In Our Stars

16-year-old Hazel knows she is going to die. She’s had the shadow of death lurking over her for far too long, as treatment of her terminal cancer only delays the inevitable. Her parents, worried that she is depressed and wasting what little time she has left, encourage Hazel to join a support group for cancer survivors. There’s only one problem — Hazel knows, all too well, that she will not survive her disease. One day, it will consume her.

What Hazel doesn’t expect, is the possibility of finding real happiness in life before she dies, in the form of Augustus Waters. Augustus, or “Gus” to his friends, suffers from an aggressive but highly curable cancer, and through him, Hazel experiences the normal, teenage life she has so long been denied. With Augustus, Hazel tries to find some sort of meaning in her short but significant life.

Hazel has yet, another problem — she doesn’t want Augustus to go through the anguish of watching her die. So she holds him at arm’s length, convinced that, by denying them both the possibility of truly connecting, she is saving Gus from unbelievable grief. But Hazel doesn’t realize that things don’t always turn out the way we think they will, and life has a way of happening, all on its own.

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