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Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of 2012 — see them here!

The 2012 Super Bowl is in the history books — but the commercials live on. With airtime running an average of $3.5 million for 30 seconds, advertisers bring out their best stuff. Here are our picks for the cream of the crop.

Chevy’s Mayan Apocalypse

Is the world going to end on December 21, 2012 like the Mayan calendar purportedly predicts? Maybe. Just in case, you should trade in your Ford truck for a Chevy. This ad ticked Ford Motor Company off so much that they appealed to NBC to pull it from the lineup. NBC did not agree.

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Budweiser flash fans

How cool is this? Budweiser surprised two recreational league hockey teams with the full NHL treatment, including a huge mob of fans, announcers, a giant replay screen and a confetti drop for the winners. The players were shocked — and rather touched. So were we.

Clint Eastwood loves Detroit and Chrysler

Listen up. It’s halftime in America and Clint Eastwood wants you to vacation in Detroit, vote for Obama and buy a Chrysler — or else. Go ahead. Make his day.

Jerry Seinfeld wants that Acura. Bad.

So, technically the Acura NSX doesn’t exist yet. It’s a concept car that is not in production and has no release date. Does it matter? Not when there’s a clever Super Bowl ad to be made. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno are both huge car nuts, creating a perfect twist — along with lots of clever Seinfeld references.

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The E*Trade baby returns

That E*Trade baby is back, and this time instead of cheating on his little baby girlfriend with “that milkaholic Lindsay” he is dispensing financial advice to a new dad — until a surprise pops up in the hospital nursery.

Tell us: What was your favorite 2012 Super Bowl ad?

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