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Sons of Anarchy creator, show score big deal!

Sons of Anarchy has been renewed for a sixth season, but that’s not all! The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has inked his own deal with Twentieth Century Fox TV and FX that puts him in a nice position. Read on for all the details.

FX isn’t letting its highest rated show, or its captain, exit anytime soon. You can expect Sons of Anarchy to ride on for a guaranteed sixth season, possibly a seventh. What about the show’s creator Kurt Sutter? Let’s just say his new overall deal is pretty solid.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sons of Anarchy‘s renewal for a sixth season is a lock, while many are expecting a seventh season to follow, which would likely be the final season.

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This latest news comes at the same time as the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, inks a three-year overall deal with Twentieth Century Fox TV and FX Productions. The two jointly produce Sons of Anarchy.

Here’s the deets: The deal guarantees a sixth season for SOA, while Sutter himself is allowed to develop content for both broadcast and cable. The deal also includes a script deal with FX.

Kurt Sutter recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “There’s a part of me that does see being able to tell this story in seven seasons, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to say, ‘That’s it.’ I almost feel like when you hang that kind of finality and put a period on something, there’s almost a backlash that happens with the fan base.”

He added, “If there’s more story to be told after seven seasons and if financially it’s still a feasible endeavor, I’m definitely open to doing more.”

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