Wedding bells for Bella Cruise?

Feb 1, 2012 at 12:01 p.m. ET

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman may have a "child bride" on their hands. Word 'round the rumor mill has it that 19-year-old Isabella Cruise is hoping to become engaged to her musician boyfriend.

She only went public with her boyfriend a few weeks ago, but apparently Tom Cruise's daughter is getting ready to put a ring on it.

No, we're not talking about Suri, people!

The daughter in question here is 19-year-old Isabella "Bella" Cruise -- the eldest of Tom's two kids with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Bella's reported husband-to-be is 23-year-old indie musician Eddie Frencher, of the music group Ae (pronounced "Ay"). More importantly, he's a Scientologist, which explains why Tom's pleased as punch with his princess' choice of partner.

The couple made their first official public appearance together earlier this month, stepping out at the star-studded 17th birthday party of Isabella's brother, Connor.

"Eddie and Bella have been dating for some time, but have deliberately kept their romance under wraps. The couple decided to go public at Connor's birthday party recently because Eddie and Bella have discussed marriage," a squeal reportedly blabbed to The Daily Mirror (We know. We know.) this week.

"My dad introduced me to Scientology. He has been a Scientologist since before I was born, so I have been a Scientologist all my life," Frencher wrote in the About Myself section of his Our Sites profile.

Tom's reportedly delighted that his possible future son-in-law holds the family's faith so dear.

"The fact that he is a Scientologist is obviously a boon, too. They'll be Scientology royalty. They won't be getting married anytime soon, but they are getting pretty serious, very quickly."

Bella, an aspiring artist, further fueled speculation that the couple is getting serious when she posted a picture of an engagement ring on her twitter page (@razmaaataz) with the comment, "I adore this! #yesplease."

She has since removed that posting.

Photo credits: JDH/JCP/WENN