John Krasinski gushes about “incredible” wife Emily Blunt

Big Miracle’s John Krasinski shows us why playing the nice guy is always a winning role in real life and on screen.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt two years after their wedding

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John said he knew right away that Emily Blunt was the woman for him.

If art imitates life, then it should be no surprise that John Krasinski‘s nice guy characters always get the girl.

In Big Miracle, Krasinski plays an ambitious reporter struggling between beauties Drew Barrymore and Kristen Bell. Like his other roles, Krasinski doesn’t need the bad-boy persona to pull women.

“If there was a bad boy thing, I wouldn’t know, probably because I was never close enough to the brink of the bad boy thing,” he told SheKnows.

“I love playing guys that have a nice sensibility. The thing about this character… at the end of the day he realized what he always really wanted was to be right where he was.”

Where he is in real life is a pretty good spot for Krasinski as well. The actor is coming up on two years of marriage to British actress Emily Blunt and still seems infatuated with her post wedding bliss.

“She’s pretty incredible and I knew it right away,” Krasinski told SheKnows. The couple married in Italy on a yacht with celebrity friends like George Clooney and Matt Damon present.

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For John though, just spending quality time with his wife is ideal; no bells and whistles here.

“We always just kind of do regular stuff like going out to dinner and things like that,” he told us. “It’s all about the time you’re spending with the person. For me, it feels like the most fun is just the time you spend, not actually what you’re doing.”

Swoon! It looks like nice guys do finish first.

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