Daniel Radcliffe is about to weird you out

Jan 31, 2012 at 11:42 p.m. ET

Harry Potter fans be warned: The Woman in Black actor is not the Daniel Radcliffe you're used to seeing. Prepare to suffer a few sleepless nights!

Daniel RadcliffeHold onto your hats, Harry Potter fans! Daniel Radcliffe is not so sure you should be watching his new film, The Woman in Black.

Daniel Radcliffe has shed his wizard image in favor of becoming a father in his latest role. The actor, now 22 years old, hopes parents will exercise caution in allowing their children to see his new film -- or suffer the consequences.

"People have seen me in a school-boy outfit, so it's a little bit of a leap for them to look at me as something else," Radcliffe recently told E! News. Yet despite The Woman in Black not being a family-appropriate flick, the young actor managed to bring a relative on as co-star.

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"My godson played as my son in the film," Daniel Radcliffe explained. "I asked for him to be auditioned. I thought seeing me as a boy and then father would weird people out. I wanted to make sure that the relationship was right and the chemistry was right between me and my son and it is. It really comes across that we know each other."

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As a cautionary note to parents Daniel Radcliffe went on to warn, "I would say if you're under 12, you really shouldn't see this film… I think as a parent, unless you've got an incredibly tough child, I would not go and see this film, because it is genuinely frightening and might buy you a couple of nights of a sleepless child."

Will you be going to watch Daniel Radcliffe get scary in The Woman in Black?

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