Denied! Hoboken says no to Jersey Shore spinoff!

Lower your fists in mourning, Jersey Shore fans. There will be no spinoff in Hoboken thanks to the city’s rejection of the shooting permit.

We’re pretty sure the cast of Jersey Shore has been denied access to a bar or two and even ruffled some feathers in a few towns, but this is a bummer — Hoboken has said no to the show’s shooting request.

The mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, Dawn Zimmer, has denied MTV access to film a Jersey Shore spinoff in her fair city and warned “producers not to try and bribe their way in.”

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Mayor Dawn Zimmer isn’t backing down, either. She’s concerned the over-the-top stars would create a problem in terms of crowd-control and told the New York Daily News, “The concern is public safety and quality of life for our citizens.”

She added, “Imagine there’s a Snooki sighting and everyone pours out of the bars. It’s difficult from a public safety standpoint to manage that.”

According to the report, Zimmer said in a letter to the show’s production company, she was surprised they had filmed without permits in the past by using methods like “verbal agreements” and “payments to individuals.”

She said, “As the mayor of a community that has experienced significant corruption in the recent past, I write to put you… on formal notice that there will be zero tolerance for this kind of approach in the city of Hoboken.”

She really does mean business!

We want to hear from you. Is the mayor being a major buzzkill by not letting the Jersey Shore crew get their buzz on in Hoboken?

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Should the Jersey Shore be able to film in Hoboken?

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