Weird couple alert: Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O

Elisabetta Canalis is back in the dating game — and her new partner is quite a departure from her ex-boyfriend. Find out the likely reason she’s attracted to Jackass star Steve-O.

Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O are dating

Well, this relationship is out of left field: Former Dancing With the Stars beauty Elisabetta Canalis is dating another DWTS alum, Steve-O.

Random, right?

The pair was caught mid-kiss by TMZ cameras — and it looks like they’re definitely enjoying each other’s company. Some gossip hounds are saying that Canalis is slumming it with the Jackass star — after all, she dated George Clooney!

We’re just happy she’s moving on with another relationship. The Italian stunner told SheKnows in September that she was more than ready to date again — after all, her ex moved on to Stacy Keibler months ago.

“I hope to date very soon,” Canalis told celebrity correspondent Whitney English. “You can pass on my number.”

She added that her skin grew a little bit thicker after her high-profile relationship with Clooney.

“I’m a little bit tougher,” she revealed. “When you’re growing up, you want to change and adapt your personality to the person you are with. That’s a mistake a lot of women do. But now that I’m grown up and I’m becoming much more independent, I really want somebody who accepts my personality more.”

So, what does Canalis look for in a guy? Spontaneity!

“You can never tell what you’re looking for. A person has to surprise me,” she said.

And Steve-O is definitely that type — he’s unpredictable, but grounded now that he beat his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Plus, he knows a thing or two about relationships — he even gave relationship advice to confused women in a 2009 article for

“Actions speak louder than words,” he told one upset girlfriend.

And his tongue-on-tongue action with Elisabetta is telling us plenty!

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