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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: On the road to reuniting?

Will Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunite for good? Pals say this former couple is getting along better than ever. Will they get back together?

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez may be getting her groove back with dancer Casper Smart, but don’t rule out a reunion with estranged hubby Marc Anthony. Insiders say the couple has been getting along better than they have since before their split while promoting their new talent show Q’Viva! and a reconciliation may be in the works.

A source told TMZ that the pair has actually strengthened their bond since their split, following months of tenseness and tears prior to their breakup, and that those close to them could see a reconciliation happening.

What does Lopez have to say about this?

“Marc and I were friends before we got married. We were friends for years, and we always loved each other,” Lopez told Matt Lauer during a Today Show appearance this morning. “And we always worked together, so it wasn’t an unnatural thing for us to continue working together. And, obviously, we have children together, so it’s not going to be like he’s not in my life. He’s always going to be in my life.”

The couple has been quite jokey with each other while promoting the new show, even mocking their relationship and reputations.

“Well, we’re friends. We know each other. I don’t know if people know that Marc and I know each other. So we have a lot of fun,” Lopez told Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m just getting to know her,” Marc Anthony joked. “She’s a little difficult, but she’s actually not as bad as I thought she’d be. I was really nervous coming into today, because I had heard nightmare!”

“He, on the other hand? Everything is true. All a nightmare,” Lopez zinged back.

At any rate, the American Idol judge is definitely not toying with the idea of marriage to her boy toy Smart just yet. “I don’t know. We’ll see,” she told Lauer. “It’s not time to think about that, do you know what I mean? It’s still fresh.”

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