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Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry custody war sends kid to therapy

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry’s constant legal bickering over custody of their 3-year-old daughter is prompting concerns about the child’s emotional well-being. Officials with the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services are recommending therapy for little Nahla.

Halle Berry‘s baby daddy drama is headed back to court.

Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, the father of Halle’s daughter, Nahla, has agreed to enter anger management after being investigated for criminal child endangerment and battery.

Of course, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is still recommending that Gabriel and Halle hire a therapist for their 3- year-old daughter, Nahla, as the two continue their heated custody battle.

The DCFS is also recommending that Berry and Aubry take parenting classes.

There have been no allegations of Halle mistreating Nahla, but a nanny claims Gabriel screams at the child and has even violently yanked the tot out of her arms.

Halle Berry’s baby daddy in hot water over nanny push >>

The Oscar winner will be in a California court on Monday, in hopes of obtaining a restraining order to prevent her ex from having any contact with Nahla. Halle, 45, wants the judge to prohibit Gabriel, 36, from sharing joint custody of their daughter until the child endangerment investigation is resolved.

The criminal inquiry was triggered when Nahla’s nanny, Alliance Kamdem, accused Gabriel of pushing her as she cuddled Nahla.

The drama ignited earlier this month, when Kamdem apparently went to pick Nahla up from school and found she wasn’t there. The childcare provider then went to Gabriel’s home to ask why the girl had been absent.

Upon being questioned, Gabriel allegedly flew into an “angry rage,” bellowing:

“You’re the f***ing nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don’t need to f***ing know anything.”

He then allegedly pushed the nanny out of the door while Nahla was in her arms.

Aubry has denied Kamdem’s allegations.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that Gabriel is also asking for a restraining order — against the nanny. The male catwalker is asking the judge to fire Kamdem because he believes she is concocting stories to help paint a favorable opinion of Halle with the court.

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