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Box office shock: Liam Neeson’s The Grey steals No. 1

Liam Neeson’s action film set in the snowy tundra of Alaska, The Grey, took in more than expected to win number one at the box office this weekend.

The Grey

The action thriller about a group of oil workers who crash in the frozen tundra of Alaska, The Grey, over-performed this weekend at the box office, raking in an estimated $20 million in returns, according to The Los Angeles Times. Liam Neeson plays Ottway, a wolf hunter fighting to survive in harsh conditions. Critics gave the film an overall thumbs up.

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Underworld: Awakening, the Kate Beckinsale vampire-hunter thriller maintained a healthy fan base by taking in an estimated $12.5 million, giving it the number two spot for its second week in the theaters.

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The Katherine Heigl romantic comedy, One for the Money, came in second with an estimated $11.7 million at the box office, bringing it in third. Some figures were still being calculated due to a last minute Groupon deal. The adaptation of the best-selling novel by the same name from Janet Evanovich tells the story of an ex-lingerie saleswoman who has to take up bounty hunting to pay the bills. When her ex-boyfriend becomes a mark, things get more than a little sticky.

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Red Tails, the film about the Tuskegee airmen in World War II stayed strong among the competition, coming in fourth with an estimated $10.4 million. George Lucas produced the film, which is one of the first films ever to have an all-African American cast.

Coming in fifth with $8.2 million was the Sam Worthington action thriller Man on a Ledge. The movie is about an ex-cop who claims he has been framed. Going out on the ledge is the only way, it seems, he can get someone to pay attention to him. Elizabeth Banks and Anthony Mackie co-star.

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The film adaptation of the best-selling book by the same name, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, came in sixth with $7.1 million. The story is about a boy, who, after his father dies in the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11, goes on a city-wide journey to find a lost clue. The film co-stars Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks.

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Grabbing the final slots of the top ten were the George Clooney Oscar-nominated film, The Descendants, at seventh with $6.5 million, the Mark Wahlberg action film, Contraband, at eighth with $6.5 million, the Disney re-released Beauty and the Beast 3-D at ninth with $5.3 million and the Steven Soderbergh spy thriller, Haywire at tenth with $4 million.

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