The Bachelor: Someone’s getting naked!

Courtney and Emily’s Bachelor brawl is long from over, people. This week’s naked dip in the water between Court and Ben could send Em and the rest of the gals off the deep end.

Last week on The Bachelor, Emily called Courtney condescending, while Courtney wanted to rip off Emily’s head and “verbally assault her.”

Yeah, these two are totally not getting along.

The downside is, Courtney knows just how to push the other girls’ buttons. The upside is, we get to watch her make a fool of herself — “winning!”

Someone needs to tell that girl Charlie Sheen wants his catchphrase back.

This week, Courtney continues using her flirty ways and model looks to rope in the bouncy-haired Ben, inviting him to drop trou and go for a little night swim.

She really is a terror in disguise! Someone should warn him.

That’s right, someone already did — Emily. It wasn’t the best attempt, but at least she tried.

Check out a preview of the blurred-out butts of Courtney and Ben — then grab the nearest barf bag and proceed to lose your lunch…

It’s not all about Courtney this week. Nicki and Elyse get fabulous one-on-one dates, where one lady opens up about her painful past and the other admits she’s ready to give up the single life.

We want to hear from you. Do you agree with Courtney’s shady antics? There’s some who think raking her over the coals is a bit harsh, but manipulation isn’t the best way to start a relationship, is it?

She’s officially off our picks for Ben list.

We know you have an opinion, so why not use it?

Should Courtney be sent home?

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