So You Think You Can Dance rapist gets 10 years

So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Alex Da Silva has been found guilty of rape and intent to commit rape against two different women. How long will he spend in prison?

Alex Da Silva

So you think you can rape? Not so fast. So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Alex Da Silva has been convicted of raping one former dance student and assaulting another.

Da Silva, 43, was arrested in 2009 on multiple felony charges after allegations arose that he raped four different women — all his own dance students, and all between the ages of 20 and 26.

The choreographer was convicted of rape in the attack on one woman and intent to commit rape in the sexual assault of another. Multiple other felony charges were dismissed after the jury deadlocked.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Da Silva had been charged with sexual assault three other times in the past, but prosecutors eventually dropped the charges for lack of evidence.

Da Silva claimed the accusations were made up by women who were all upset when he refused to loan them money.

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Da Silva was sentenced to 10 years in prison and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, putting severe restrictions on where he can live and work.

Before his sentencing, Da Silva was convinced he would be back on So You Think You Can Dance. “I spoke to the producers of the show,” he told The Salsa Freak. “They like me and will be hiring me back if not this year, then the next. It’s about the Fox network. To work for them is very difficult. Yes, my name is tarnished, but I will clear my name again. The truth will come out.”

The truth has finally come out, and Da Silva will be paying for it or the next decade.

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