Jennifer Aniston slams "gross" BFF Chelsea Handler

Jan 27, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Jennifer Aniston had fun with her good friend Chelsea Handler while filming a segment for her show. Jen slams Chelsea on everything from her hygiene to sleeping her way to the top.

Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman

From friends to frenemies? Chelsea Handler is known for telling it like it is, and this time the tables were reversed. While filming a segment for Chelsea's After Lately show, Jennifer Aniston had fun ripping into her BFF.

In the segment, Chelsea has to leave the room to take a call, leaving Jennifer alone with her table of writers.

"[Is she busy] gossiping about more successful people that are better-looking than her?" Jennifer quips. "Putting her name on another dumb book to make the world an even dumber place?'

"Hi, I'm Chelsea. I really think that everything I say is funny," Jennifer continues. "You know what I mean? It's a shock that she really still has her own show.'

Jennifer couldn't resist poking fun at the beef between Joan Rivers and Chelsea, which started after Joan said that Chelsea slept her way to the top. Jennifer asked the team about Chelsea's "little guy," to which her writing team said, "Chuy."

"No, the little one that she slept with to get the gig? He doesn't even run the network anymore," she said.

She ended her rant by talking about Chelsea's hygiene. "And then her hygiene… have you noticed this? Honestly, when we were in Cabo, she never showered! She would be like, 'What? I went in the pool.' It's gross!"

It was all in fun, of course, and no doubt Chelsea put her up to it!

"I am madly in love with Chelsea Handler," Jennifer said of her BFF while presenting her with Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year Award. It looks like Courtney Cox is out as her BFF… and Chelsea is in!

Watch sneak peek of Jennifer Aniston on After Lately here:

Photo: WENN