Cher not dead, no need to turn back time

Jan 27, 2012 at 3:16 p.m. ET

A Twitter rumor says Cher is dead. Is it true? Not quite. Read on to see how this celebrity death hoax got started, and which stars actually fell for it.


Attention Twitter users: Cher is not dead. There is no need to turn back time or find a way to take back all those words that hurt her, etc.

How did this latest celebrity death hoax start? A Twitter user who goes by @Lorraine_Star posted a fake retweet made to look like it was from CNN stating, "RT @CNN: American recording artist Cher dies at 65 years old. Found dead in Malibu home."

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If you believed the rumor, you're not alone. Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker responded, "Is this for real? I don't see it anywhere. Can't be!"

Never one to let an opportunity for publicity escape her, Kim Kardashian saw the trending topic and chimed in, "Did I just hear Cher has passed away? Is this real? OMG."

While Cher herself has not commented on the hoax or been active on her own Twitter account since Jan. 22, 2012 -- and son Chaz Bono has been quiet since Jan. 24 -- a friend of the icon totally debunked the rumor.

"Whoever started that stupid rumor needs to have their face dragged across concrete," said jewelry designer and pal Loree Rodkin. "It's a hoax. She's fine. She's so NOT dead. She's just a busy girl."

Cher is far from the first celeb to suffer from the dreaded Twitter death knell. Hugh Hefner, Jackie Chan, Lil Wayne, Scott Baio, David Beckham, Charlie Sheen, Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Lady Gaga and Jon Bon Jovi have all supposedly "died" in the last year alone.

SheKnows is awaiting comment from Cher's rep.

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