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Must-read: The Pub Across the Pond by Mary Carter

In the mood for some escapist fare, a novel to take you to a far and distant place? In The Pub Across the Pond Mary Carter transports the reader across the Atlantic to the one and only Emerald Isle. Readers will love the romance between the irrepressible Carlene Rivers and the scoundrel Ronan McBride in this fun romp of a novel.

Ronan McBride has a bit of a problem. He’s a compulsive gambler and can’t resist a bet, especially when he is sure to win. Therefore, he feels completely comfortable tossing down the keys to his family’s pub during a card game with his greedy uncle. But the unthinkable happens and The Pub Across the Pond coverRonan loses. How will he handle telling his mother and six sisters that he lost everything? Luckily for Ronan, the women are strong and come up with a brilliant plan to raffle off the pub in America, charging $20 per ticket, and buy it back from their uncle.

When Carlene Rivers enters a raffle for a pub in Ireland, she doesn’t think much of it. After all, the ticket is only $20 and there’s no way she is going to win. Her life in Ohio managing her father’s gym is much too dull for anything so exciting to happen to her. Little does she know that her luck is about to turn around and Carlene wins the pub and embarks on the journey of a lifetime to inspect her winnings.

However, Carlene receives more than she bargained for when she arrives in the small town of Ballybeg. The locals aren’t exactly clamoring to welcome their new American neighbor and the pub is not the charming hotspot she thought it would be. Determined to make the best of her situation, Carlene rolls up her sleeves and begins working on fixing up the pub, making new friends and doing everything she can to avoid the eye of the handsome Ronan McBride. Fun, sassy and completely delicious, The Pub Across the Pond is perfect escapist fare for a lazy day.

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