Jersey Shore recap: Gym, Tan, Get Vinny Back

Jan 27, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. ET

All is well again at the shore house! On last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, Vinny made his triumphant return to the house sporting a new chest tattoo and fresh Guido tan. But before his return, there were strippers, handcuffs and a bar fight. Read on for details!

When we left our orange friends at the end of last week's episode, the Jersey Shore gang was down two GTL soldiers — Mike and Vinny. Oh how things can change in just one hour!

This week, the gang received a visit from Danny, you know, the guy that employs them to work at his store on the boardwalk. Wait, you didn't realize the Jersey Shore kids have jobs?

Apparently, hitting on girls and showing up drunk to your shift are the only two requirements to working in Danny's establishment. He told the remaining roommates he needed eight unqualified workers as part of their agreement, so they needed to make space for new employees to move in.

Shortly after Danny delivered the sad news, Mike returned to the house from his temper tantrum, still a tad sulky from his birthday, and half the crew headed to work. Snooki and Deena made their way to pick up supplies for a surprise birthday party in the works for Pauly and the Situation. Meanwhile, the help wanted sign attracted some interesting candidates and naturally, Mike hit on them while JWoww and Ronnie ridiculed their style choices.

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The episode continued with an "Over the Hill" themed bash for Pauly and Mike, complete with strippers, handcuffs and cakes shaped like various body parts. Pauly said he had the "best night of his life" and Mike struck out with his stripper because she had standards.

The next evening, a failed attempt at couples night with the girls and their significant others culminated in a full on bar brawl when Sammi's new weave was pulled by a stranger at Bamboo.

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While they nursed hangovers the following morning, the crew concocted a plan to kidnap Vinny and made their way to Staten Island with themed t-shirts for the operation. Vinny was thrilled to see his friends and showed us what he'd been up to at home: Gym, tan, tattoo, haircut and laundry.

Vinny ultimately decided to return to the house with the roommates and all was right in Guidoland once more.

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