Must-read: The Woman Who Heard Color by Kelly Jones

Feb 13, 2012 at 11:42 a.m. ET

The art world is a romantic, beautiful place and Kelly Jones captures that perfectly in her latest novel. Combining priceless artwork and a storyline set in Nazi Germany, readers will race to discover the truth behind this complex and stirring novel.

Lauren O'Farrell has been tracking a woman named Hana Fleischmann for years, convinced that she collaborated with the Nazis to destroy innumerable pieces of artwork. Lauren's search has led The Woman Who Heard Color Coverher to Hana's elderly daughter, Isabella Fletcher. But what Lauren doesn't realize is that Isabella is prepared for her visit and refuses to answer her questions unless Lauren listens to the true story of Isabella's mother.

Hana was just a girl when she went to work as a maid for a Jewish art dealer named Moses Fleischmann. She was unprepared for her introduction to the art world and found herself completely swept away by it. She lived a carefree and happy life, eventually falling in love with her employer and marrying him. But what Hana did not realize was that dark times were approaching and the Nazis were gaining power. As a woman married to a powerful Jewish man, Hana wasn't safe.

Hana was forced to make difficult compromises in order to save herself and her daughter. As Isabella's story unfolds, Lauren realizes that the situation is much more complicated than she previously thought, and she and Isabella must work together to clear Hana's name. Combining intricate historical details with a gripping personal story, this is a book that will keep you up late into the night.

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