Did American Idol find next Scotty McCreery in Galveston?

Jan 26, 2012 at 10:05 p.m. ET

Is everything really bigger in Texas? We swear some of the singers in Galveston didn't get the memo. Keep reading to see the highs and lows of American Idol's stop in Galveston, Texas.

After traveling to Savannah, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Aspen with the American Idol judges, metaphorically speaking, of course, we find ourselves asking one question in regard to Hollywood week: "Are we there yet?"

Sadly, we answered our own question with a big fat "no." So, it was off to Galveston, Texas Thursday night, where there was no shortage of Scotty McCreery wannabes.

All we can say is Scotty should be shaking in his boots -- or just plain covering his ears -- after seeing this guy...

Then there was Julie Shuman. We respect any gal who can throw on a pair of tight gold pants and do her thing, but this was just ridiculous. She's rolling in something all right...

There's no way we'd leave you on a bum note -- pun totally intended. Here are a few auditions that piqued our interest -- in a good way.

It's been five long years since Baylie Brown first auditioned for American Idol. She was back and better than ever in Galveston...

Kristine Osorio has had enough heartache to last a lifetime and with this being her last shot, literally, because of her age, she came to fight...

While his audition video wasn't immediately available, we still have to mention Ramiro Garcia.

He was born with basically no ears and it was believed he'd never hear or speak, yet here he was on American Idol, singing "Amazing Grace."

He's proof that miracles do happen.

What did you think of the Galveston, Texas auditions? Did you have a favorite?

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