Man Candy Mondays: Sam Worthington

Jan 30, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

A recipe for Sam Worthington might go a little something like this: a heaping cup of rough-around-the-edges everyman with a dash of hot Aussie and a pinch of self-effacing modesty. That comely combination makes him one of our favorite faces to watch onscreen because there's something irresistible about a manly man who works hard at his job, end of story. Pretension? Preening? Pseudo-intellectualism? Nah. That's just not Sam, and we think that's pretty sexy. Most recently, Worthington spent days tethered to the ledge of a building for the film Man on a Ledge, about a framed cop trying to clear his name, which is in theaters now.

Man Candy Monday: Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington

Born: Aug. 2, 1976

Hometown: Surrey, England

Height: 5' 10"

Why we love him

We're suckers for a rough-and-tumble, sexy guy's guy who speaks his mind. Say it all, Sam — we love your honesty!

He made Avatar shine

Sam Worthington in Avatar

When you settle down into a movie theater seat for a near-three-hour-long epic film like Avatar, you can only hope that someone as ruggedly sexy as Sam Worthington has the starring role. Lucky us! And we have Avatar casting director Margery Simkin to thank for that. She lobbied to get Sam the part, and since then, the Aussie actor's life hasn't been the same.

What ultimately got Sam noticed? He had an Elvis-like effect on the girls, Simkin said:

"I called [a casting director in Australia] up and asked her to put all the guys she thought were great on tape. We saw probably 20 or 30 guys from down there," Simkin told the L.A. Times. "One day my coworker came in and said, 'You gotta see this.' Honestly, Sam just popped. I believe there are sort of marriages of actors to roles. He definitely popped. There were these two young girls who worked at the front desk. And we dragged them in to look at his audition. And it was kind of like they were weak in the knees."

Now that's some good judgment. Great work bringing Worthington to the masses, ladies!

He came from humble beginnings

Sam Worthington at Avatar premiere

When Worthington was a kid, starring in movies wasn't on his radar. Instead, after a relatively normal boyhood in Perth, Australia (his parents moved from England to Australia when he was six months old), he worked as a bricklayer for two years, until he was 19. For fun, he auditioned at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia with a girlfriend at the time who wanted to be an actress. He got in. (She did not.) 

Compared to his acting-obsessed classmates, Worthington proved to be the odd man out: When he was asked to name his favorite movie, he said Lethal Weapon 2.

"They didn't ask me my favorite play because they knew I hadn't seen one," he told Details. "They looked at me like I was crazy.... I think they were thinking, oh, CasablancaGone With the Wind. But I said, 'Look, if I can have half as much fun as those boys and get paid to do what they're doing — that's pretty cool.'"

Soon enough, roles in Aussie TV shows and movies and U.S. films like Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans came pouring in. Looks like his dream is coming true — and we love watching it happen.

He's effortlessly sexy

Sam Worthington with a beard

Sometimes when a guy is over-groomed, it's a little much. As for Sam's hot bod? Chalk it up to good genetics and a sense of adventure:

"I hate the gym," he told the New York Daily News. "If you notice, I don't really take my shirt off in my movies because I'm not as fit as I should be. I guess I'm just not a fan of picking up something heavy and not moving it. I'd rather walk around town. I'll take that kind of exercise any day."

Um, we'll stroll the streets of New York City with you, Sam! (And we like you just the way you are.)

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Sam Worthington's relationship status

Sam Worthington and Crystal Humphries at Man on the Ledge premiere

Sorry, ladies — Sam's newly spoken for! Just this past week, Sam debuted his girlfriend, Crystal Humphries, publicly at the Hollywood premiere of Man on a Ledge last week. Not much is known about the curvy brunette beauty, other than that this foxy lady has captured his heart. The pair lives in Hawaii. Kudos to Crystal, and better luck next time to us!

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