Elizabeth Banks got smacked around in a Budapest spa

Spa treatments aren’t for the faint of heart! Just ask Elizabeth Banks, who was on the receiving end of some smacking during a trip to Budapest.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks knows all too well the high price of beauty. The actress, soon to be seen as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, has been treated to some very unique — and painful — spa experiences both abroad and stateside.

“The most ridiculous [spa] experience I’ve had was in Budapest. It’s known for its bathhouses, and I’d never been to one of those,” Elizabeth Banks told Time Out New York during a recent interview. “I had some giant Hungarian smack me with palm fronds.”

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The process, known as a platza treatment, involves a specialist continually smacking a bundle of leafy birch or oak tree leaves across the body. It is believed to improve blood circulation, intensify the skin’s capillary activities and boost metabolism.

“It was so painful,” a laughing Elizabeth Banks added of the ordeal. “But I was too embarrassed to say, ‘Please stop!'”

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The 37-year-old, pictured here at the American Conservatory Theater Luncheon on Jan. 24, also had an unusual spa experience in Park City, Utah.

“I recently had an amazing mud wrap,” the Man on a Ledge actress continued. “The aesthetician asked if I was claustrophobic, which made me wonder if I really knew what a wrap entailed. She said she was going to wrap me with foil and cover my eyes, which makes some people feel like they’re in a coffin. [Laughs] I told her I thought I’d be okay, and I was.”

Naming her favorite spa experience in New York, the mother of 10-month-old son Felix shared, “I’m a fan of the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, where I normally get a deep-tissue massage. I don’t go to be relaxed; I go to work out tension and knots. I like a nice, deep dig!”

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