American Idol discovers there’s more to Aspen than skiing!

Another city, more American Idol auditions. Next up, Aspen, Colorado, where the caliber of talent rivaled the altitude.

Finally, American Idol gave us some singers to talk about and it couldn’t have come at a better time — the show with swanky swivel chairs is on the brink of season two and AI needed to step up its game.

The Savannah and Pittsburgh auditions were okay, giving us a few standouts, but mostly really good singers minus the “wow” factor we want to latch onto.

Then Sunday’s (Jan. 22) San Diego auditions hit a high note, giving us hope that sleepy season 11 might be progressing beyond Jennifer Lopez looking beautiful, Randy Jackson uttering “yo” and Steven Tyler changing funny hats.

Thanks to Wednesday’s auditions in Aspen, Colorado it seems the San Diego hopefuls weren’t a fluke — Idol really is finding a delicious mix of voice meets showmanship.

Here are our standouts from Aspen, Colorado…

Mathenee Treco’s infectious version of “Hey Jude” had all the judges singing with him! Check it out and prepare to clap/sing along!

True country talent like Shelby Tweten is hard to find and the judges were definitely happy to stumble upon her. Beyond a beautiful voice, she’s also bipolar and wanted to prove it doesn’t define who you are. What a story!

Steven Tyler was so blown away by 18-year-old Haley Smith, he said he felt “honored” to be listening to her sing “Tell Me Something Good.” Did we mention she lives in a log cabin?

This singer was so unique we had to save him for last. We can’t wait for you to feast your eyes on Magic Cyclops — you won’t be disappointed.

Got ya! We had to throw him in there!

We didn’t feature her audition video, but we have to give a shout out to Jenni Schick.

The music teacher, armed with the theory that she could kiss Steven Tyler and it wouldn’t be cheating, was just the right amount of crazy to fool us into thinking she’d be bad — until she opened her mouth and got a ticket to Hollywood.

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