Hollywood wants you to elect a puppet president

Muppet Marvin E. Quasniki wants to be the next President of the United States.

Marvin E. Quasniki for PresidentPresidential candidates are often compared to puppets, with their strings pulled by various conservative or liberal interest groups.

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Well, The Jim Henson Company suggests we elect a muppet to the president’s office in November. Yes, an actual puppet.

Marvin E. Quasniki, a muppet with political aspirations, officially declared his candidacy for president in December 2011, via Nerdist.com’s YouTube channel with some real talk.

“We have a crisis in this country; it’s a crisis of bulls**t,” he said in his speech. “What this country needs is someone to cut through that bulls**t with some good old fashioned quick fixes and oversimplified proposals.”

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Quasniki’s campaign got a big boost when political commentary website Wonkette announced that “an actual muppet now has good shot at Republican Nomination, probably.”

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That’s about as good as an endorsement a candidate can get in this flip-floppy primary season.

So, what will he do for you if elected? He’ll give you back your college tuition if you don’t find a job after graduation.

Sign us up — we’d vote for him over Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul any day of the week.

Marvin E. Quasniki reacts to the State of the Union address

Image courtesy Nerdist


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