Halle Berry's baby daddy denies nanny abuse

Jan 25, 2012 at 12:09 p.m. ET

Gabriel Aubry denies that he pushed the nanny while she was holding his child with Halle Berry. What happened in court today?

Gabriel Aubry and daughter Nahla

Is Gabriel Aubry a concerned father or a violent abuser?

The father of Halle Berry's baby claims that, despite her accusations, he never laid a finger on the nanny, and this is just another attempt by his former flame to take away his parental rights.

A source told RadarOnline that Aubry is totally denying the nanny's story. "Why in the world would Gabriel push the nanny, causing her to fall while she was holding his daughter?" asked the insider.

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"Gabriel is fiercely protective of Nahla. The nanny tripped, and she fell while holding Nahla. Yes, Gabriel and the nanny were arguing, he felt like his parenting skills were under attack again. Gabriel can't believe how out of control this situation has become. He is hopeful that criminal charges won't be filed against him."

The latest trouble started last week when an altercation broke out between Aubry and the nanny after she confronted him for not letting her know little Nahla would not be in school. She claimed Aubry pushed her out the front door and into a wall while she was holding his daughter.

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Aubry has not been arrested but could face charges of criminal child endangerment and battery. Berry called for an emergency court hearing today to have Aubry declared a danger to their child, but a temporary judge -- the regular one in their ongoing custody battle was on vacay -- deferred the decision until Monday, saying there were already enough protections in place to keep Nahla safe.

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