Tim Gunn’s sad sexless life

Tim Gunn says he hasn’t had sex in nearly thirty years — and he’s okay with that! Read on to find out what caused his never-ending dry spell.

Tim GunnIf Tim Gunn seems a little uptight on Project Runway, there’s a good reason: The guy hasn’t had sex in almost 30 years.

Gunn revealed his celibate lifestyle on today’s episode of his new show The Revolution.

“I haven’t had sex in 29 years,” Gunn revealed today. “Do I feel like less of a person because of it? No.”

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What caused this long dry spell? A real jerk of a boyfriend — something most of us can definitely relate to.

“He was impatient with my sexual performance,” Gunn said. “I’m a perfectly fulfilled person… but it’s very physiological,” he added.

He and the ex abruptly ended their relationship at a time that coincided with the onset of the AIDS epidemic when “a lot of people retreated, concerned about their health,” he explained. “I know I certainly was. I’m happy to be healthy and alive, frankly,” he added.

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Don’t feel sorry for him, though. Gunn said he is perfectly happy and fulfilled exactly the way he is.

“Do I feel like less of a person for it? No! Not even remotely.”

Gunn’s new show The Revolution highlights health and lifestyle changes that can help you reveal your best self. His co-stars include fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, contractor and TV personality Ty Pennington, advice expert Tiffanie Davis and doctor Jennifer Ashton.

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