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Is Anthony Mackie remaking The Notebook?

The funny, dramatic and widely versatile actor from New Orleans reveals the part he’d like to play most while promoting his new film Man on a Ledge.

“I told Ryan Gosling I’m gonna remake The Notebook with me in the hood,” jokes actor Anthony Mackie during an interview to promote his upcoming movie Man on a Ledge. It might sound funny to some, but there’s a slim chance it could actually be true.

Anthony Mackie is blowing up. He’s in everything — Real Steel, What’s Your Number?, the upcoming crime thriller The Gangster Squad starring Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn, as well as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Notebook remake might not actually be a film in the works, but it seems from Mackie’s track record, he’s capable of just about anything… except, of course, believing he’s a sex symbol.

The hard-working actor says he’s surprised to know he’s got a fan base, especially at SheKnows. Apparently, he doesn’t get as much lady love as he deserves. When told that an interview we did with him about Real Steel ranked high among the favorite celebrity interviews this fall, he was stunned. “Really? Really?” he said, completely surprised. “I did not know that.”

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Why was he so shocked? “Every time I go somewhere I just get harassed by dudes. Girls don’t talk to me. It’s really weird.” He laughs. We’re sure that’s not the case, but Mackie is too charming to let on otherwise.

Known for being funny and also a bit outspoken, Mackie has said before that he’s the “black friend of Hollywood.”

His dream project

“You need a black friend? Man on a Ledge. You need a black friend? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Gangster Squad. Black cop,” he laughs. “I’m that guy.”

Seems like all he does is work. When’s he gonna get a break? “Never,” he said.

He doesn’t want to stop.

So, what’s next for him? Telling the story of one of his personal heroes.

“My goal in my career is to play Jesse Owens,” says Mackie. Owens is an Olympic track and field gold medalist. Mackie hopes to helm a drama with Owens at the center.

But for now, we’ll have to stick with action-thrillers. Mackie plays a cop who is Sam Worthington’s ex-partner in the upcoming thriller Man on a Ledge. It opens in theaters Jan. 27.

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