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Sam Worthington: Women usually run from me

The scruffy Aussie Sam Worthington opens up (or tries to!) about his sex appeal while promoting his new action thriller Man on a Ledge.

“I don’t get anything for free, I’ll tell you that much,” says Sam Worthington, the hunky Australian actor who wears a T-shirt and jeans to a press interview in the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to talk about his new action thriller Man on a Ledge.

But sitting there across from him it’s hard to believe he doesn’t notice the affect he has on women. He’s charming, adorable and before the interview even starts, he declares he’ll be reading on a daily basis from now on. Who couldn’t love this guy?

Australian accent + scruffy beard = swoon

He does have that affect. With an enchanting smile, he seems genuinely surprised that women might find him attractive. “Normally, they laugh at me,” he says.

Doesn’t he realize the Australian accent and the scruffy beard are lady-magnets? “I’m not like that,” he says. The truth is it seems like he’s really just a regular guy (double swoon). When asked how his life has changed since the debut of Avatar, he says, not that much.

“My life is pretty much exactly the same,” he says, describing his personal life as steady and consistent. He still has the same group of friends. “I try to keep it grounded,” he says. Worthington was reportedly penniless and living in his car when cast in the global epic that changed his life forever. Now, he says, he’s just concentrating on the project at hand.

Putting himself out there

So, what was it like to hang out a window on a high rise in New York City pretending to commit suicide for his new film Man on a Ledge?

“All I had on was one cable up the back so a lot of times you forget about it,” Worthington says of standing on the ledge. He jokes about hearing the director in his ear getting a cup of coffee while he was outside freezing. Besides a natural fear of heights, would he do it again?

“No,” he says, “I don’t think there will be another Man on a Ledge.” He’s not doing that again. But life isn’t so bad for the 35-year-old actor from Perth, Australia, with his acting career on a skyrocket to the top. Maybe his love life, however, is another story.

Women, he says with unmistakable charm, “run from me.”

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