Kate Gosselin shares her secrets for savings

Kate Gosselin is pinching pennies since being canned from her lucrative reality show. How is she saving dough? She shared her secrets — read on to find out what they are.

Kate GosselinJudging by paparazzi photos, Kate Gosselin has plenty of money to get her nails done, keep her hair colored perfectly, keep herself in full makeup at all times and perhaps turn to an injectable here and there to stay fresh looking. Where does the nearly-unemployed single mother of eight find the cash for such luxuries?

Couponing, of course!

When Gosselin’s show Kate Plus 8 was canceled in 2011 the reality star picked up a gig writing with CouponCabin.com. Now she is sharing her money-saving tips with the masses, and you can benefit from her expertise.

“I don’t know that I’m an expert on all things savings, but I do know that the many methods I use to save DO work,” Gosselin wrote.

Some of Kate Gosselin’s top tips:

“I buy ‘half a cow’ at a time in different cuts, which equals about 400 pounds of organic meat. This alone reduces my beef prices to a fraction of what I would pay in the grocery store if I bought one cut at a time.”

“Before I throw anything away, I put it aside and try to think of a new use for it. When my kids get too tall for their jeans, I cut them off to use as summer outside play shorts. I reuse Ziploc bags by rinsing them out and reusing them.”

“I keep coupons in my purse at all times. I carry a small silver coupon organizer in my bag so it’s handy when I need to save!”

She is even passing her thriftiness on to the next generation.

“Unless kids are taught that things cost money, they won’t know. I teach my kids to save electricity by turning off a light when they leave a room, to save water when they can and to wear an outfit a second time,” she wrote.

“I teach my children that by working hard, you make money and that you should choose wisely how to spend your money. It will help them to become successful and responsible adults.”

Read the rest of Kate Gosselin’s money-saving tips on CouponCabin.com.

Image courtesy Josiah True/ WENN.com


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