Top 8 worst celebrity national anthems ever

Jan 23, 2012 at 8:50 p.m. ET

The national anthem is an intimidating force. It exposes bad vocals, tests your memory and can make or break a career. Staind's Aaron Lewis isn't the first singer to flub the song. There are plenty more where he came from and we've got the videos to prove it!

Christina Aguilera Singing

All day the internet's been buzzing with Lewis' flub of the national anthem at Game 5 of the World Series. After performing, the singer apologized on his website for mangling the lyrics.

He wrote, "All I can say is I'm sorry and ask for the Nation's forgiveness. My nerves got the best of me and I am completely torn up about what happened. America is the greatest country in the world. The Star-Spangled Banner means so much to so many, including myself. I hope everyone can understand the intensity of the situation and my true intent of this performance. I hope that the Nation, Major League Baseball and the many fans of our national pastime can forgive me."

Don't worry, my friend, you aren't the only one to mess up on the national stage.

Here are some of most disturbing attempts at our national anthem.

R. Kelly


In 2005, R. Kelly channeled his inner Marvin Gaye (who famously remixed the national anthem for 1983's NBA All-Star game) for a boxing match between Bernard Hopkins and Jermain Taylor. The crooner desperately tried to give viewers a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" they'd never forget. Unfortunately, he chopped and rearranged the song so much it was unrecognizable.

Christina Aguilera


It's no secret that Christina Aguilera has a big voice. During the late '90s, she was one of the few pop stars who could actually carry a note. But when she performed for 2011's Super Bowl audience, her talent took a backseat. Not only did Aguilera forget the anthem lyrics, she changed them. She replaced, "What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming" with "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming." Say what, Christina?

Roseanne Barr


This pick is self-explanatory. Roseanne Barr is no Whitney Houston, yet that didn't stop her from singing at a San Diego Padres game. She got in front of the crowd and let it all hang out. If nails on a chalkboard mated with a foghorn, this performance would be their lovechild.

Kat DeLuna


Apparently, Kat DeLuna believed that the national anthem needed more oomph. When she stepped to the mic in 2008, the singer tried her best to put her stamp on the classic. But fans weren't receptive to her over-the-top antics and she was met with more boos than cheers. She should have kept it traditional.

Steven Tyler


Steven Tyler thought a rock version of the national anthem was exactly what the 2012 NFL AFC Championship needed. Well, it certainly had that Aerosmith flair, but the crowd didn't appreciate his ad-libbed lyrics and shrill notes. He's better singing "Dude Looks Like A Lady."

Scott Stapp


In 2005, Scott Stapp of Creed sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" at the NASCAR Ford 400 Championship. His deep rumbly tones were not well suited to the higher-pitched anthem. Perhaps Stapp's brooding interpretation is better left at a Creed concert.

Michael Bolton


You've heard of crib notes for taking tests in school, but Bolton took it to the next level by writing the lyrics on his hand before the Red Sox versus Yankees game in 2003. They sure came in handy when midway through the song, he blanked on the words. The "When A Man Loves A Woman" singer paused and peeked at his hand. It's definitely a night he would like to forget.

Watch Aaron Lewis' World Series national anthem flub.


What's the worst national anthem you've ever seen/heard?