The ladies of The Bachelor saddle up in Utah!

Yes, the ladies were a little hard on Shawntel Newton for her party crashing plan on The Bachelor last week, but it’s time to move on — with horses!

Giddy up, ladies!

It’s time to explore Park City, Utah on the back of a trusty steed — no, the girls won’t be mounting The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik.

The Bachelor has explored Sonoma and San Francisco this season, but it’s time to move on to the majestic mountains of Park City, Utah where some of the gals will mount a horse in hopes of galloping straight into Ben’s heart — yuck, even we gagged a little writing that.

Yes, there will be two intimate one-on-one dates with Rachel and Jennifer — but you didn’t hear that from us.

It’s the group date, however, that is getting the most buzz.

During a romantic horseback ride through Utah’s most “beautiful terrain,” the ladies are treated to a spectacular view — but it’s what happens at the cocktail party after that delivers some fireworks.

What’s the scoop? All we can say is Ben is delivering some news that truly shocks the ladies. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if another ex contestant was making her way back? Just kidding!

Check out a preview of this week’s episode of The Bachelor

Looks like there’s trouble in Bachelor land! Will the mounting tension between Courtney and Emily boil over this week when Em tries to out Courtney as a schemer, or will it all blow up in her face?

Our fingers are crossed for a delicious catfight — minus tears! Please, no tears, ladies! We are beyond sick of seeing your mascara run.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? Do you have a favorite girl? Head over to our comments section and sound off!

Do you feel the heat between Ben and the ladies?

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