Happy ending to horror story: Elizabeth Smart engaged

Elizabeth Smart is getting married! Find out her plans for the future.

Elizabeth Smart is engagedElizabeth Smart is getting married! The 24-year-old — held captive for nine months in 2002 — is engaged to her boyfriend, her father confirmed Friday.

“We’re very excited for her,” Ed Smart told People Friday. “She told us at home last Saturday. I wasn’t really surprised. They’ve been very happy together. We’re just thrilled. We’re looking forward to her moving on to this next stage and leading a very happy life.”

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Smart’s father wouldn’t comment on the identity of his daughter’s fiance, other than saying he’s a “fine young man.” The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that online wedding registries for Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn list an April 7 wedding for Smart and Matthew Gilmour in Utah.

Still, the intelligent Brigham Young music student wants to keep her privacy.

“She is going to be involved in child advocacy work for a long, long time and really decided that she wants to keep her husband and [future] children out of the public spotlight,” her spokesman told MSNBC on Friday.

As far as the future, Smart is contemplating law school and work with other children affected by violence.

“Well right now, I’m just sort of staying open and not closing any doors yet. I want to go wherever I can do the most good and make the biggest difference. So right now, I’m just leaving my doors open and my options open and time will tell,” she told the Tribune in 2011.

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