Eva Longoria says goodbye… to Tony Parker tattoo

Eva Longoria might be going back on her vow to not remove her Tony Parker neck tattoo.

Eva Longoria getting her neck tattoo removed

Eva Longoria was adamant that she wouldn’t remove the tattoo she got in honor of ex-husband Tony Parker when she filed for divorce in early 2011.

“Nothing is being removed, although I am always up for more tattoos!” she wrote on Facebook of the tattoo of the word “nine” in honor of Parker’s jersey number with the San Antonio Spurs.

Time — and new relationships — have a funny way of changing things. The Desperate Housewives star is currently dating Eduardo Cruz and the couple was recently spotted at a Dr. Tattoff clinic. Could she be going back on her promise? Maybe — and she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to change ink after a split. Johnny Depp changed his “Winona Forever” tattoo after splitting from Winona Rider, as did Angelina Jolie when she split with Billy Bob Thornton.

She still has the tattoo, though she covers it up for Housewives filming.

“So one day I go out to dinner and I have makeup over it and they go, ‘Eva removed the tattoo!!!’ and then the next day I have it, and they go, ‘No, she didn’t,'” Longoria told Joy Behar in 2011. “And then the next day I have it covered again. It’s funny — I don’t have regrets, even with my tattoos.”

“But this is a cautionary tale not to get a tattoo, especially on the day you’re getting married!” Behar joked.

“No! I like it… I’ll just put the divorce date and it’ll be like a gravestone!” Longoria laughed.

We just follow what Confucius says: Get tattoo of lover, guarantee failure of relationship.

Or, something like that.

Image courtesy Owen Beiny / WENN.com