Melissa Rivers: Joan Rivers is one tough mother

Jan 20, 2012 at 6:42 p.m. ET

Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers were their normal honest selves while promoting their reality show, Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, on Thursday in New York City.

Melissa Rivers and Joan RiversThink your mother is tough? Try being the daughter of Joan Rivers. Melissa Rivers, the star of Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? told reporters that making a reality show with her mother dearest isn't always the easiest thing.

"Being her daughter is much harder," Melissa, 45, joked over cocktails in celebration of their reality show's second season. "At work, she is a dream talent. She's prepared, on time and she delivers the goods each week. The only time that's hard is the crossover in the two relationships -- the times where she gets everyone at work to gang up and see if they can get Melissa to freak out today."

The plastic surgery fan said that her drive stems from creating a reality show based in actual reality (imagine that!).

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"If it's going to be reality, it's got to be the truth. You can't just show one side," Joan, 78, said. "You can't just be drunk all the time and then call it Jersey Shore. But they have 7 million viewers, so guess I'm wrong!"

Still, Joan said that all she really wants for her daughter is to be happy with her life and relationships.

"Happiness. All you want is for your child to be happy. If they are, then you are. She was with Jason (her ex-husband) for three years, and I didn't say a word," she said.

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The frequent SheKnows contributor disagreed with her mother's words. "Oh, I was so nice to that mother f****r," Joan argued back.

And that sort of honesty is why we love you, Joan.

Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? returns to WE TV on Tuesday, Jan 24.

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