Jersey Shore recap: And then there were six

It’s Mike’s party and he’ll cry if he wants to. On this week’s episode of Jersey Shore, there was plenty of drama to go around. Will the Situation be the next roommate to leave? Read on to find out!

While you’re probably still drying your tears from last week’s episode of Jersey Shore, the fist pumping must go on, with or without Vinny.

After his bromantic partner rode away in a cab, Pauly headed to the club to fill in the rest of the crew about Vinny’s departure. Snooki was too drunk to understand (at least that’s what we gathered from her dazed look), and Deena needed a good cry. In the bathroom at the bar, on the way home, into the early morning hours with JWoww… you get the picture.

So, how does the Jersey Shore crew work through such a difficult time you ask?

With booze!

Lots and lots of booze! Snooki and Deena headed out for a meatball day complete with body shots, an almost arrest and a dance off fail.

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The boys took a more traditional approach, you know, wearing skinny jeans in his honor and bringing home ladies who were DTF.

Not sure how that’s different from any other night when Vinny was there? Neither are we, but let’s move along, because there’s birthday drama to discuss!

In honor of Pauly’s birthday, his family made a surprise visit and brought with them the best gift a guido could ask for, his barber. After the tearful reunion and a few uncomfortable shots of Pauly’s hair au naturel, it was time to celebrate.

It was also the Situation’s birthday, so the boys went to dinner with Pauly’s family while the girls stayed at home and made a cake for Pauly. Mike was jealous of all the attention Pauly was getting at dinner and headed off to take a nap in the restaurant. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to be the best way to convince people to enjoy your company. But what do we know?

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Back at the whorehouse shore house, the boys came home and saw there was only one birthday cake for Pauly. Luckily, Snooki cleared up any confusion and told Mike that’s what he gets for being a douchebag.

Upset, Mike took his pain out on the screen door and continued his pity party outside. Will he be the next one to leave? We hope not. As much as he is the biggest jerk in the house, it was pretty harsh of the girls to single him out like that on his birthday. Hopefully he’ll use this as an opportunity to grow up and be a better friend, after all, isn’t he 40 now?

Do you think the girls should have made two birthday cakes? Sound off in the comment section below.

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