Kardashian mag kaput

Kardashian magazine scrapped over Mama’s demands? Plans for a magazine about TV’s most famous family have reportedly been put on the back burner after the proposed publisher vetoed a very important request from Kris Jenner.

Kardashian Klan matriarch Kris Jenner is infamous for brokering the family’s business ventures. But the Calabasas wheeler-dealer’s demands for editorial control have reportedly killed a deal to create a Kardashian-devoted fanzine.

Tattletales say talks between the First Family of Reality Dish and American Media Inc. (AMI) have fallen through after Mama Kris insisted on approval of all stories about her family featured across the publisher’s hub of titles.

Oh — did we forget to mention that AMI is home to Shape magazine, Star magazine, the National Enquirer and Radar Online?

Disenchanted with the myriad of bad press they’ve received in the wake of Kim’s insta-marriage to Kris Humphries, the Kardashian/Jenners had hoped to take charge of their own public image by launching a magazine imprint entirely dedicated to the family’s antics. The Kardashians planned to spin their own stories by being “heavily involved editorially,” tipsters said earlier this month.

Yeah — that didn’t go over so well with AMI chiefs.

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Insiders tell The New York Post the deal turned sour after Jenner demanded she have editorial approval over every AMI publication to ensure wall-to-wall positive coverage of the oft-exposed reality crew.

The order came on the heels of a humiliating paternity scandal for Kris’ third daughter, Khloe Kardashian. The down-to-earth basketball bride has spent that past week battling back against allegations that late legal eagle Robert Kardashian was not her biological father.

The “Khloe, Who’s Your Daddy?” scoop took flight after Star — an AMI-owned glossy, mind you — published an explosive tell-all with Robert’s widow, Ellen Kardashian. Ellen insists Robert told her that Khloe was the product of an affair Kris had in late 1983.

Just this week, the Enquirer upped the ante. That AMI publication cited “evidence” which suggests that Khloe may actually be the lovechild of former Kardashian pal OJ Simpson — who was defended by Robert in his 1995 murder trial.

AMI “balked” at Kris’ demand, even though the mogul mom offered to “dish” all of the family scoops exclusively to the fanzine.

“AMI chief David Pecker made it clear that there was no way he was going to tell his editors what stories they could and couldn’t do,” says a source in-the-know.

Furious, Jenner — who pens a weekly advice column for Life & Style Weekly — pulled all Kardashian-related product ads from the pages of Star.

A rep for Jenner says, “Kris has never had a conversation with AMI regarding this issue [of her demands]. But, the allegations contained in the Star article about Khloe not being a Kardashian are completely fabricated, false and untrue. Robert Kardashian is absolutely her biological father, so of course she was upset over their story.”

It may be just as well. The Kardashians have taken a nosedive at the newsstands in recent months, according to sales stats.

Tabloid magazines like Style, OK! and Us Weekly have reported an 18 percent drop in sales whenever a Kardashian appears on the cover.

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