Dane Cook offends the unoffendable: Other comedians

Dane Cook is well known for his particularly harsh brand of comedy, but a performance in LA last night crossed the line — and you know it’s bad if fellow comedians are saying so.

Dane Cook

Comedians are generally a pretty forgiving sort — but if you act like an entitled jerk, they’ll turn on you pretty fast. That seems to be what happened when Dane Cook took the stage at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles last night.

Cook’s surprise appearance bumped several other performers from the lineup, but that doesn’t seem to be the source of the ire — rather, it was his incredibly misogynistic, egotistical set that was the big turn-off.

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Several comedians expressed their disgust on Twitter, including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writer Ali Waller who described exactly what was so horrible about what Cook said.

“Glad Dane Cook stopped by the Improv tonight, otherwise I’d never hear the story about how he ‘chainsaw-f****d’ a ‘disgusting whore’s c**t,'” she wrote.

Several other comedians spoke out about the nasty set, but T.J. Miller wrote an entire diatribe about it on Twitter.

“F*****g Dane Cook is eating s**t at the laugh factory. He bumped [Bobby Lee] and is being just mean… The hubris of this man unfortunately led to his fall, but I’m afraid he is a damaged man & well, that’s about it,” Miller wrote.

“He [is] certainly not a comedian… Watching him try and work through his own s**t on stage when he is saying, ‘Go f**k a dirty whore. That’s the best therapy.’ #lord… Dane. You’ve been doing standup for so many years and you still believe it’s okay to bomb and talk about your issues? You. Didn’t. Earn This…”

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“Here’s an idea, Dane: have some f*****g respect for the audience that gave you the chance to be what you dreamed of being, and don’t be mad at them because you f****d it all up from hubris and thirst for fame,” Miller continued. “Don’t disrespect the people that gave you a chance. Don’t do an hour of mean-spirited trash. And Dane Cook, certainly don’t ask anyone to feel sorry for you. If you are the person you were onstage last night then you are not a good person. And the way you talk about women is disgusting and pathetic, but really just hurtful. So Good Luck Chuck. [You] need all the luck in the world to realize you need to go to therapy & figure out how to not be a hateful person. Stop performing until [you] do so.”

As for Cook himself, he seemed to think things went swimmingly, writing on his own Twitter, “…incredible night — felt connected/something special happening…”

Tell us: Is Dane Cook funny, gross or both?

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