Chelsea Handler's sitcom: Are you there, ratings?

Jan 19, 2012 at 2:15 p.m. ET

Chelsea Handler's Are You There, Chelsea? premiered with colorful euphemisms like "dry humping" and "handy" that left some wondering if the show was nothing more than bad jokes. With a so-so ratings start, things don't look any better after the sitcom's second week showing.

We weren't overly excited by the premiere of Are You There, Chelsea?, but we weren't hating it either. It just felt like we've seen it before and we were expecting a little more than throw away jokes and vulgar references.

There were the redundant "lady parts" chuckles and references to a red head's "carpet" and "drapes" that we knew would smack us in the face, but there was something about Laura Prepon's take on Chelsea that made us want to give the second episode a chance -- but did everyone else want to give it a second look?

It looks like the answer is no, according to a slight dip in ratings.

Based upon the fact that the second episode was all about swapping exes, we figured we'd have to sit through another half-hour of sexual innuendoes -- and we were right.

According to TVLine, a mere 4.3 million viewers tuned in to watch Chelsea take a shine to Sloane's (Chelsea Handler) old high school boyfriend, Matt. That's a drop from the show's okay start last week, which managed to pull in 6.4 million viewers.

We had a feeling the show would start seeing a decrease in viewers, but it's just sad it started with the second episode. Time will tell if it has anything to do with the premiere of American Idol, but we're going to chalk this up to what it is -- a good sitcom by NBC standards, but not for the overall viewer population.

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Here's our stance: We want Are You There, Chelsea to garner more grin than cringe for the simple fact that Laura Prepon as Chelsea is the silver lining and she deserves to be recognized.

There's something about her. She makes us want to watch and root for this show without even realizing it -- too bad not everyone agrees.

There's no doubt that fans of Chelsea Handler will probably get this show and be its saving grace -- if there is a saving grace.

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