Phillip Phillips: The American Idol audition you have to see!

As American Idol began wrapping up its season 11 premiere Wednesday night, we wondered if we’d see a raw talent so bold they’d be good enough to be labeled the star of the night. Thank heavens Phillip Phillips walked through the door!

No, you don’t have to run to your nearest eye doctor, our breakout star of American Idol’s season 11 premiere is Phillip Phillips — yes, that’s really his name — spelling and all.

Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez returned for the season 11 premiere of American Idol Wednesday night, tamer than usual we might add, but what wasn’t tame was the singer who they cleverly saved for last.

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There were a handful of talented singers sprinkled throughout the Savannah, Georgia auditions, but none like 20-year-old Phillip Phillips.

The hottie with a voice hails from Leesburg, Georgia and happens to have a job as unique as his voice — pawn shop employee.

His pure voice captivated Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson with Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and, of course, managed to get him three “yes” votes to advance to Hollywood.

You have to check out this one-of-a-kind performance that sent the judges into a frenzy…

What you didn’t see in the video is Phillip Phillips grab his guitar upon the judges’ request and jam out to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller!”

We’re not going to lie, we were not overly excited by the talent so far — aside from Phillips, of course. The singers seemed very cookie cutter and the judges seemed to be missing the mojo we saw during season 10.

Did you check out the season 11 premiere of American Idol?

Head over to our comments section and tell us if you saw any standouts. We also want to hear what you thought of Phillip Phillips!

Is Phillip Phillips the one to watch?

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