Paul McCartney is going live with his Kisses

Paul McCartney will chat with fans live and talk about his new album, Kisses on the Bottom, during a live webcast on his website.

Paul McCartney webcast scheduled for Thursday

Listen up, Paul McCartney fans! The Beatles legend is set to participate in a live web stream on his official website Thursday, Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. EST to celebrate the upcoming release of his new album, Kisses on the Bottom.

What’s better? Submit your questions to and he just might answer your question during the webcast.

The newly married superstar is set to release his new album on Feb. 7. With guest appearances by Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder, Kisses on the Bottom is a tribute to some of Macca’s favorite songs. He also recorded two new songs for the album, including lead single “My Valentine.”

“Scores of fans then streamed the new original track “My Valentine,” many assuming it would be the new record’s title track. While a few Twitter hints have been dropped and rumors have run rampant, Paul puts an end to speculation today, confirming that the album will indeed be titled Kisses On The Bottom,” his label said when announcing the new album title.

The new album shows that the legendary singer is still way into music, but he’s reportedly thought about switching up his career path recently.

“I would really love to start up a sightseeing business,” McCartney told the U.K. Star. Where would he open the business? In The Beatles‘ hometown of Liverpool, of course.

“I have my own magical mystery tours of the city, my own special route I go on, and I think other people would love it too,” he added.

“I want to give something back to the locals.”

We think the best thing you can do to give back to your fans is to continue making music forever.

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