Rachel Bilson goes gangsta: See the video

Rachel Bilson is taking on her haters with her new Funny or Die video, “Call Me Doctor.”

Rachel Bilson in new Funny or Die clip

Think Rachel Bilson is a mild-mannered actress? Think again! The Hart of Dixie actress is straight-up street — or so she wants us to think.

Bilson, 30, goes H.A.M. in a new rap video posted on Funny or Die, “Call Me Doctor.” In the clip, Bilson raps about her roles and reputation as a dainty little gal.

Oh, and she calls out former co-star Mischa Barton.

“Summer Roberts back up on the track again; Peaced out of The O.C.; Ben and Brody, deuces!; Did a couple movies, drank a couple juices!; Still they comin’ at me, like ‘Where ya been?’; You should be askin’ Mischa Barton!”

A lot of people are loving the clip, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been done by female celebs before. For example? Taylor Swift teamed up with an auto-tuned T-Pain for the 2009 Country Music Awards, while new mom Natalie Portman rapped on a 2006 Saturday Night Live digital short.

The verdict? It’s cute, but not that funny.

In reality, Bilson claims she’s a homebody who likes to talk fashion and thinks the medical terms in Hart of Dixie are difficult to learn.

“I have to practice [the script] a lot because it’s hard to pronounce certain words. Everyone’s really proud when I say it right,” she told the Huffington Post in November.

Does she really keep a thug life? Not quite.

“I like to cook and hang out in my PJs. I like to cook homey, comfy foods, meatloaf and chili and Italian food like lasagna. I’m half Italian so I make it all myself.”

Watch Rachel Bilson in “Call Me Doctor”

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What do you think of the Rachel Bilson video: Funny or lame?


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