Ready, set, sing: American Idol returns

Will this be Ryan Seacrest’s final season? Will Jennifer Lopez live up to her lucrative new contract? Will Steven Tyler top, “Well hellfire, save matches, f**k a duck and see what hatches?” All your questions will be answered, because American Idol is back, baby!

Cover your ears, or put your TVs on mute, which ever is easier. Season 11 of American Idol kicks off tonight with a two-hour premiere, and you know what happens when AI returns, don’t you? We get more bad than good singers for the first few weeks. Sweet!

Has anyone else missed the tears of Hollywood Week or the flock of awful singers that claim themselves the most talented bunch in the land? We have, and we can’t wait to see Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson earn their money.

There’s a lot of questions floating around as to whether or not the sophomore panel can gel after a pretty successful first union in season 10 — minus Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Jennifer Lopez herself held out for more cash before signing her new deal for season 11, so a lot of eyes will be on her to see if she earns her keep.

Ryan Seacrest recently garnered some buzz after the recent TCA Tour where he chatted about not being able to imagine life without American Idol. Fox also sang the host’s praises, claiming they’ll do what it takes to keep the hardest working man in entertainment on the show.

Contracts and keeping Ryan Seacrest happy aren’t the only things that will keep the Fox peeps on their toes. There’s a returning show that could give AI the one-two punch — The Voice.

The Voice premieres Sunday, Feb. 5 after the Super Bowl, then takes its regular spot on Mondays.

While the NBC hit isn’t directly up against American Idol‘s Wednesday/Thursday lineup, it will be interesting to see if viewers make a choice between the two rather than sit through three days of singing.

Either way, the American Idol gang is back for season 11 starting tonight and it’s up to you whether you relish in really bad singing or put in your ear plugs — we go with relish, it’s more fun that way!

Will you be tuning for the two-hour premiere of AI?

Photo credit: Fox


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