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Amber Rose stands by her Kim Kardashian accusations

Amber Rose is sticking to her story that Kim Kardashian stole Kanye West from right under her nose — and says she only spilled the beans to protect her own reputation.

Amber RoseFar from being a well-timed publicity ploy, Amber Rose says she only exposed the affair between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in a bid to save her own reputation.

“The story I said in Star magazine is very true. It’s a very, very true story,” Rose told Access Hollywood.

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“I didn’t want to stoop down to that level by calling her a homewrecker. I kind of just spoke on my emotions at the time,” she continued. “I’m not upset about what happened anymore because I got past it. I was just upset that every interview I’ve had, they ask me why was I the cause of her and Reggie [Bush] breaking up, and it was just not true.”

“I have a reputation,” she added. “Also, and I just had to set that straight for people to know exactly what it is. I wasn’t the one that did that to her, she actually did that to me.”

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As far as the timing goes — Rose told her story of heartbreak in the midst of Kardashian’s divorce drama — she said it was purely coincidental.

“I’ve never been friends with Kim, I don’t know her personally,” she said. “I didn’t want it to look like I was just going after Kim… and just like, kick her when she was down. I just wanted to set the record straight.”

Rose is currently dating Wiz Khalifa and just released her first single with him, entitled “Fame.”

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