Katherine Heigl: Marriage poster child

Jan 17, 2012 at 1:16 p.m. ET

Katherine Heigl just can't help how much she loves husband Josh Kelley. See what the actress has to say when given the chance to blog about what makes a marriage work.

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley

Katherine Heigl, soon to be seen in One for the Money, takes the responsibility of sharing marriage advice seriously. After four years of wedded bliss what is her secret to a happy life with husband Josh Kelley?

Katherine Heigl recently delved into the subject of how to make a marriage work in a blog post for iVillage, referencing a time when she and Josh Kelley were put on the spot during a red carpet appearance.

"We answered the best we could but when the interview went live, we suddenly found ourselves to be the poster couple for successful marriages," she shared of the incident. "My first thought was, 'That's a hell of a lot of pressure. We better make this work!'"

Speaking of her connection with Josh Kelley, Katherine Heigl wrote, "I was infatuated with this man the moment I met him. I was crazy about him three weeks later, and madly in love with him two more after that. More often than not he brings the best out of me and when he doesn't, I tell him the truth about how he's let me down and listen when he tells me the same. He makes me laugh like no one else, he makes me feel safer than I've ever felt, adored with abandon and when he doesn't, I tell him how I feel ignored and listen when he tells me I've driven him away."

"I have been drawn to this man like a bee to honey," she added. "I can't quite explain it but I do know he's worth it."

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Referencing a lesson from afar shared by a friend the actress wrote:

"[A friend] told me about a civilization in South America that dates back to Incan times that has a practice of holding a four-day festival once a year where every man and woman of age in the village dresses up in costume and masks, celebrates, sings, eats, dances and ultimately physically connects with anyone who may catch their fancy -- whether they are married or not. The villagers have four days to act out all their fantasies, sexual or otherwise, with no consequences to the relationship they may already be in. The result is that their divorce rate is so low it doesn't exist.

I guess the thought behind the practice is that by allowing this kind of sexual freedom to those who are in committed relationships, you remove the taboo, the desire, the fantasy. The men and women in this society know that if they want to keep the relationship they are in even after the festival, they must treat their spouse with reverence and respect the year preceding or they could very likely lose them to the allure of the sweet whisperings of another villager."

Before you jump to any conclusions about what the actress is suggesting she clarified, "What I took away from the story of the village was the idea of not taking your partner for granted."

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"We compromise constantly for each other and change for each other when compromising isn't the answer," she continued. "We've had some pretty explosive fights over the years trying to make our marriage work, but it's been worth it. I do not want to live my life without Josh in it and will do everything I can to make sure I don't have to -- except give him the freedom to don a costume and mask and bang some other chick."

Read Katherine Heigl's complete blog post on iVillage.com.

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