Katharine McPhee: Smash is way different than Glee

Katharine McPhee is excited for audiences to see her new starring role in Smash and wants people to know the show is completely different than that other singing show.

Katharine McPhee talks SmashKatharine McPhee wants to make something clear right now — her new NBC show, Smash, is nothing like that other musical show. Both shows might remake popular songs and revolve around budding singers, but that’s where the similarities end.

“You know, we’re so secluded from L.A., where they’re shooting Glee, and we haven’t had any interaction. No one’s had any sort of conversations,” she told MTV News.

Oh, but Smash will also have famous guest stars, much like Glee.

“Well, we have Uma Thurman, who’s not a pop star but a movie star. She’s actually shooting with us already,” she said, forgetting that Gwyneth Paltrow did a several episode arc on season two of Glee. “[OneRepublic front man] Ryan Tedder is a guest star. So he’s a pop star and an amazing writer. Oh god, and Nick Jonas. We’re doing pretty good for the first season.”

Do we think she’s trying to dismiss Glee as a less-serious show? No, it just seems like she’s anxious to get her career off the ground years after her stint on American Idol.

“I mean I can relate with just sort of the frustration of breaking into the business,” she told Just Jared in July of her role as Karen in the upcoming series. “I just get to play a dream role, it’s everything that I love to do so I am really looking forward to [it.]”

She also thanks Glee for paving the way for this type of show.

“We’re just actually really grateful that Glee has opened the door,” she told MTV News. “And has made music work on television.”

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Are you looking forward to Smash?