Talks of reconciliation for Russell Brand, Katy Perry?

On Monday, estranged couple Russell Brand and Katy Perry will reportedly meet face-to-face for the first time since announcing their separation late last month. Could a reconciliation be in the cards?

Russell Brand has arrived in Los Angeles for his first meeting with Katy Perry since the exes announced their pending divorce last month.

Is a reunion in the works?

The actor-comedian is set to meet up with his pop star wife of 14 months to discuss their recent separation and decide whether or not to reconcile, according to reports. Brand filed the paperwork to legally dissolve his marriage to Perry on Dec. 30.

Russ flew from his native Britain to the City of Angels this week to discuss the details of the couple’s separation, before beginning promotional duties for his upcoming FX late-night comedy series, Strangely Uplifting.

Brand, dressed in an ill-fitting grey blazer, skinny black jeans and some peculiar-looking grey suede boots didn’t appear to be his usual smarmy self as he was snapped outside the Boa Steak House on Saturday night.

While she has been mum on her divorce publicly, pals say privately, Perry is desperate to make her marriage work.

“Katy wants a reconciliation. She has told Russell she is willing to do anything to make the marriage work,” a source told the Mail on Sunday.

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Russell, however, is said to be “determined to move on” from the 14-month marriage — which snoopsters say was plagued by squabbles between the newlyweds.

“He has agreed to meet her one last time. He wants to sort things out and finalize the divorce… It was an ideal opportunity to meet,” another friend of the couple squealed. “He is determined to move on. But Katy says she is still in love with him and she still has hopes they might get back together.”

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On Sunday, reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour tried to ask Brand about his New Year’s Eve divorce filing from Perry.

“Well I suppose what you’re doing is you’re making the mistake of seeing time as linear,” the shaggy-haired funny guy told one questioner. “The brilliant American author Kurt Vonnegut, he’ll tell ya that if you imagine reality as experienced simultaneously, events become redundant.”

Brand added, “I don’t want to further celebrate the overly elaborate, brittle plastic structures of nonsense that are constantly fired into our minds to distract us from what’s really important. So if I’d done something actually newsworthy… then I’d cover it. But if it was just more lacquered nonsense, designed to distract us from truth, then I would wisely ignore it.”

Meanwhile, a distraught Katy is being comforted by her Christian pastor parents, Keith and Mary Hudson. Yep, the same parental units the singer blasted on her Twitter feed last week, after they credited her marital bust-up with bringing more people to their Ohio missionary.


“Keith and Mary flew from Georgia to Los Angeles earlier this week to be with their daughter. She is doing okay under the circumstances, but this has been a very tough road for her,” an insider with the Sunday Mirror newspaper chimed in.

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