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January book picks: Day 16 of January’s best reads

We’ve tapped Luxury Reading’s book lovin’ blogger, Vera, to give us the scoop all month long on what books are worth the read. She’ll be dishing out daily book picks — and here’s pick sixteen.

Shey Darcy, a former top model, is left to pick up the pieces after her husband of seventeen years She's Gone Country coverleaves her for someone else. Angry and hurt, she picks up her glamorous New York life and moves home to Texas, with her three teenage sons in tow.

Returning to Texas post her split, Shey runs into Dane – a rugged and handsome former bull riding champion – once again. While things between him and her brothers seem to have taken a wrong turn, Shey immediately knows that her affection for him has not changed. Now, on top of quelling her unhappy children and becoming reacquainted with her family, Shey is forced to confront the feelings that she has long ago put to rest.

Much of the so-called chick lit genre tends to be very predictable, so I’m always somewhat apprehensive about starting a new book. However, I was blown away by how fun She’s Gone Country was to read and it single handedly restored my faith in this genre.

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