Work It not working For ABC

Cross dressing to get ahead in the work place? Yeah, we didn’t see it lasting either. ABC has decided to cancel Work It

It’s tough out there and we can’t blame anyone for going to extremes to catch a break when it comes to the work force — unless it’s the show Work It — that was just silly.

The show that drew criticism from The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for featuring two men dressing as women to get a job, has been pulled off of ABC‘s schedule after two episodes.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Work It‘s second episode was seen by a mere 5 million people, putting the final nail in what GLAAD’s Herndon Graddick said was an “outdated” show.

Work It was almost dead before it even had a chance. As reviews came pouring in over the show’s debut, it did not look good.

Hitfix said, “Everyone is blind or a fool and every situation exists only to set up something vaguely resembling a joke. It’s hard to tell whether the show is most contemptuous of men, women or anyone dumb enough to watch it.”

The New York Post was equally damaging, saying of the character Lee, “Luckily for Lee, his large-man’s frame fits into his wife Connie’s (Beth Lacke) size six dresses and size seven shoes, so he doesn’t even seem to need to buy new clothes. Not only does he look like a giant man that no one would mistake for a woman, he gets large, womanizing Angel — who has no idea how to sell anything — to put on women’s clothes and sell pharmaceuticals, too.”

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