Real Housewives' Brandi Glanville: Sexy and single?

Feb 7, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. ET

SheKnows got a little buzzed with Brandi Glanville on coffee and gossip. The verdict? She may get a lot of heat for her flirtatious nature on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but the girl has got it going on.

The housewives reunited during last night's episode and now we are putting Brandi on the spot to discover what's really important to her. While sipping some espresso, she filled us in on her single and mingling lifestyle, her motherhood no-nos and secrets to staying sexy. (Oh, by the way, she's not married).

What's love got to do with it?

"I want a casual thing right now," she said, noting that it's not the time for her to have a boyfriend. She explained that when she has the kids it's all about them, and when they go to their dad's it's all about her career.


What's Brandi's beauty regimen?

For tired eyes she advises,"Put a nude colored eyeliner inside your eye and it brightens up your eyes."

She also recommends Crest White Strips and a self tan but warns, "a little bit goes a long way."

Most importantly, "I really try to wash my face every single night."

She is also the proud owner of a Baby Quasar light that increases blood flow and natural glow.

So what's her status for real? "I date; I don't have a boyfriend 100% and I'm not married. I'm not married 100%," she assured us after the recent rumors that she was the bride in a quickie Vegas wedding.

Back in Beverly Hills when love does come knocking, she's looking for a tall, dark and handsome man who clicks with her kids. "If I decide to have a relationship with someone and they're going to be around my kids then it's really important I meet someone who's a good guy."

Reflecting on her past relationship she says, "I think I've realized that I don't want to date an actor. I think I'd just like a normal businessman completely outside the Hollywood scene that can deal with a little bit of reality craziness."

Who doesn't love a man in a suit with some edge?

Mommy matters

On top of dealing with attacks from her castmates, Brandi has to juggle two growing boys, a task that gives the Bravo TV drama a run for its ratings. Close, but no cigar. Brandi reflected on the behavior of the housewives, saying, "This is worse than babysitting a bunch of little kids."

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So how does she manage it all? "It's just a balancing act, really." It's really beginning to feel like she's stuck at the circus.

Despite being pummeled with critiques on her parenting skills this season, she does set rules to prevent the momma drama in her life. "They get attached. So I'm really careful and they don't meet anyone." She also won't allow them to watch or appear on the show, something she says would be a bad call.

What's the biggest challenge she is facing as a mother right now?

"It's like an evolution. It's gone from potty language to talking about boobs. All of a sudden it's like I have two little pervs," she said.

Beauty and the housewives

"All my friends are beautiful," Brandi complimented. Maybe the rest of the gang picked on her because she's the prettiest? She disagrees, instead pegging it as new-girl-on-the-block syndrome. Regardless of their motive, once a model and still a beauty, Brandi knows how to pull a look together.

Former model Brandi Glanville
As a former model, Brandi showed off her bod at Tao Nightclub. What's her secret?

"We're all in charge of getting our own hair and makeup done," she said dismantling any assumptions that the housewives get the A-list treatment. Her secret? It's simple, really.

"I'm really regimented with my skincare because I feel like if you take care of your skin now, it's not going to fall and sag and you won't have to have plastic surgery."

How she maintains her hot housewife figure

She may not be committed to a man, but she's sure committed to her trainer! "I work out three days a week. I do Pilates with my trainer of nine years. She kicks my butt."

Persistence is key. "I always want to cheat and she's always poking me with her annoying finger." Brandi also gets harassed for being late.

"If I didn't have her I'd probably weigh 300 pounds." But Brandi confesses she has an advantage because she isn't a fan of sugar, saying, "I could skip dessert anytime." Not fair.

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