Heather Locklear’s hospital had other famous ODs

Los Robles Hospital is a relatively tiny facility just inland from posh Malibu — the proverbial beach home to the rich and famous, rich and troubled, rich and thirsty and perhaps, rich and pill popping.

Before Heather Locklear’s unfortunate 911 episode, Charlie Sheen made some headlines at Los Robles Hospital. And before him, 50’s icon Sandra Dee.

Dee, who starred as Gidget in the film of the same name, married actor Bobby Darin and spent much of her time in and out of Los Robles Hospital before dying at age 62 from complications from kidney disease. That was in February 2005.

The Malibu Colony designated hospital also happens to be where beach resident and frequent ER flyer Sheen was taken by ambulance for his first serious drug indiscretion at age 32. That 1998 drug overdose frightened the entire Sheen family so much it resulted in a press conference cum intervention presided over by his father at the hospital parking lot.

Many recall Martin Sheen’s famous statement candidly telling the worldwide press about his son’s overdose and drug use. His friend Carroll O’Connor had just lost his son and Sheen was determined to derail his own son’s trajectory. Choking back tears, Martin Sheen said, “They say do anything to get between the drugs and your kids. And that’s what I’m doing.”

It remains to be seen who will be doing that for Locklear.

After an enviable career as head vixen on a number of shows including Melrose Place and Dallas, Locklear’s very public divorce from Richie Sambora in 2007, rift with best friend Denise Richards for dating Sambora right after and a 2008 bout of depression may have left residual marks. Locklear’s recent admission to the Thousand Oaks hospital for an alleged pill and alcohol interaction has been linked to her recent breakup with longtime beau Jack Wagner. So while it seems clear Locklear hasn’t quite navigated the emotional valleys punctuating a highly successful career, one thing is certain.

She’ll get the star treatment at Los Robles Hospital — and maybe a visit or two from some neighborhood celebrities who know exactly how she feels.

Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com


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