Janice Dickinson spills Lindsay Lohan family gossip

Jan 13, 2012 at 2:27 p.m. ET

Ali Lohan is already scary skinny -- and now her agency wants her to lose more weight! Janice Dickinson reveals how big sis Lindsay Lohan feels about Ali's career and health.

Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan

Janice Dickinson knows a thing or two about modeling, but we had no idea she knows a thing or two about the Lohans.

The self-proclaimed original supermodel and reality star said Lindsay Lohan is horrified at the advice her little sis Ali Lohan is getting from her modeling agency -- including a directive to lose even more weight so they can book her in Europe.

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Dickinson told Star magazine about a convo she had with Lindsay at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve.

"Lindsay was complaining that her sister is being sent off to Asia by her modeling agent," Dickinson told the mag. "She asked me my opinion and I said, 'If this agency can't get Ali some work in this country, what good are they as an American agent?'"

That's pretty much the worst advice ever coming from a so-called modeling expert. Agencies send their mannequins overseas to book gigs in Europe and Asia on the regular. But anyway…

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"Lindsay is horrified," Dickinson continued. "She doesn't want Ali going away, but worse still, she doesn't want her to lose more weight."

There is one thing the Janice TV star got right: The fashion industry is nuts for the pressure they place on young girls to get scary skinny.

"Agents should have their own jaws wired together," she said. "They pick these young girls and tell them to lose more weight and have plastic surgery."

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